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Conclave 2002 was the best ever and two of Clayton's members are now in the State line. Past Master Councilor Michael Griggers was appointed State Senior Deacon and Current Master Councilor Alex Williams was named State Chaplain. Clayton's Chapter Sweetheart, Amanda Cartledge, was elected State Sweetheart. Clayton members won almost every sports competition, thanks to the outstanding efforts of John Butler and Adam Perry. The Clayton Chapter Parents Club was named the Parents Club of the Year and also took 1st Place in the Chapter Scrapbook competition. Jonathan Canada, Michael Canada and Derrick Honea all received scholarships. Click here for pictures. (Posted 7/29/02)

 In a rare and unprecedented move, Clayton Chapter met on the 4th of July in Mountain Park Lodge and afterwards went to Stone Mountain for the laser show and fireworks display. Since the regular meeting fell on the 4th, this made a fun event out of what would have otherwise been a dull meeting. Mountain Park Chapter was good enough to make the arrangements for Clayton to use their equipment and meet in Mountain Park Lodge. Thanks to Advisory Council Chairman, Dad Moss, for clearing it with the Master of the Lodge. Everyone had a great time. To see pictures from the event, click here. (Posted 7/5/02)

The mid-year elections were held on June 6, 2002, and Alex Williams was elected Master Councilor for the July 1 - December 31, 2002 term. John Butler was elected Senior Councilor after Michael Griggers stepped down to seek a state office. Steven Phillips was elected Junior Councilor. Alex announced an ambitious plan for his term focusing on improving the Chapter's ritual work and membership growth. Congratulations Alex, John and Steven! (Posted 07/25/02)

On May 16, 2002, Adam Perry resigned as Master Councilor of Clayton Chapter citing scheduling conflicts. In accordance with the bylaws, Alex Williams became the Master Councilor and Michael Griggers steps up to Senior Councilor. A special election will be held to fill the position of Junior Councilor. (Posted 07/25/02)

Clayton Chapter came away empty handed from Spring Jam on May 3-5, 2002 for the first time in many years, but had a great time trying! Brothers John Butler, Matt Butler, Sidny Davis, Michael Griggers and Ben Pierce were accompanied by Dads Griggers, Whittington and Williams. Moms Butler, Griggers, May and Williams also attended along with Chapter Sweetheart, Amanda Cartledge. The weather caused the cancellation of several events Clayton is normally strong in. Dad Griggers introduced the game of "Four Square" to be played indoors and it was a real hit. See the Georgia DeMolay Online website for pictures. (Posted 07/25/02)

Ben Pierce was initiated into DeMolay on April 20, 2002 at a special meeting held at Morrow Lodge. Everyone enjoyed going bowling afterwards with Dad Griggers scoring the highest score among the adults and Eric Fink scored the highest among the youth. A lock-in afterward was really great with Dad Griggers bringing a projector for enjoying a movie on the wall of the lodge. It was almost like being at the drive-in! (Posted 07/25/02)

On April 13, 2002, Clayton DeMolay Chapter members Adam Perry was installed as the Squire Commander of the Order of Knighthood and Brian Eidson was installed as the Page Commander. Samuel S. Lawrence member Perry Bennett was installed as the Illustrious Knight Commander. Billy McDaniel became a member. Others attending the ceremony: Members - Michael Griggers, Steven Phillips and Alex Williams, Dads - Griggers and Williams, Moms - Griggers and Williams. (Posted 07/25/02)

The Miss Rainbow Dance on April 6, 2002 is always a fun event and this year was no exception. Sidny Davis, Michael Griggers and Alex Williams took prospect Ben Pierce to the dance to see what fun you can have being a member of DeMolay. Dad Williams accompanied the members. (Posted 07/25/02)

The "Traveling Gavel" now resides at Clayton Chapter! Dads Griggers and Williams, Russell Cartledge, Michael Griggers, Billy McDaniel, Adam Perry and Alex Williams swooped in on Columbus Chapter on March 11, 2002 to capture the coveted visitation prize. The name inscribed on the gavel is "Galloping Gavel", but it is commonly called the Traveling Gavel. Used to encourage visitation, the gavel can be "captured" by five DeMolays from another Chapter and an Advisor coming to visit Clayton.

While in Columbus, the Clayton members enjoyed a video Dad Hall and the Columbus members had produced designed to show to new prospects. The trip home was a hoot when a fierce spit ball fight broke out in the back of Dad Griggers' van. It took quite a while to get all the spit balls out of the van! (Posted 07/25/02)

Five Clayton members and the Chapter Sweetheart traveled down to Savannah on March 3, 2002 to attend Cecil Cheves' Installation of officers. It was not a regular event in that Matt Butler met a sweetie while in Savannah. See what good things can happen to you in DeMolay? (Posted March 16, 2002)

Friendship Assembly invited Clayton Chapter to a formal etiquette class at Kennesaw Mountain Shrine Club on the evening of February 23, 2002. John Butler, Sidny Davis, Brian Eidson, Michael Griggers and Alex Williams looked great in their tuxedos. Moms and Dads Butler and Griggers also attended. You are never too old to learn a few more manners. The Assembly did a great job and everyone enjoyed the lesson and the fine meal. (Posted 07/25/02)

On February 23, 2002, the Clayton Chapter Parent's Club held a Country Breakfast fund raiser at Morrow Lodge. Clayton members John Butler, Russell Cartledge, Michael Griggers, Adam Perry, Steven Phillips and Alex Williams helped the moms serve the customers. Chapter Sweetheart Amanda Cartledge greeted the customers in great style! (Posted 07/25/02)

Mom Griggers, Past President of the Clayton Chapter Parents Club, was installed as State Parents Club Coordinator at the Tournament of Champions on February 2, 2002. Dad Griggers, Chapter Advisor, was appointed State Director of Education for Georgia DeMolay. Clayton is extremely proud that two of our own have been appointed by State Executive Officer Marc Bohn to these important posts. Congratulations Mom and Dad Griggers! (Posted 07/25/02)

The Tournament of Champions was held February 2, 2002 at the Macon Scottish Rite building. Clayton competed in most events and came away with the following trophies: Brian Eidson tied Adam Roof for 1st place at the Championship Level for the Ceremony of Lights, Russell Cartledge and Alex Williams took 1st place in the 9 O'clock Interpolation, John Butler captured 1st place for the 5th Preceptor and Jonathan Canada took 2nd Place for the Flower Talk. Visit the Georgia DeMolay Online website to see photos of the event. (Posted 07/25/02)

On January 27, 2002, several members of Clayton Chapter attended the Jonesboro Rainbow Assembly Installation to show their support for the new officers. (Posted 07/25/02)

On January 19, 2002, John Butler, Matt Butler, Robert DeBorde, Brian Eidson, Michael Griggers, Alex Williams and Moms Griggers and Butler attended Samuel S. Lawrence's Installation of Officers. Marcos De Los Santos was installed as Master Councilor. A trip afterwards to Dave and Busters was a blast and a great dance capped off the evening. (Posted 07/25/02)

On January 13, 2002, John Butler, Russell Cartledge, Steven Phillips, Michael Griggers, Chapter Sweetheart Amanda Cartledge, Moms Griggers and Cartledge and Dad Griggers attended Mountain Park Chapter's Installation. Chris Hoff was installed as Master Councilor and a good time was had by all. (Posted 07/25/02)

Clayton Chapter held its Installation of Officers on January 5, 2002. The following officers were installed (some were absent and will be installed later): Master Councilor - Adam Perry; Senior Councilor - Alex Williams; Junior Councilor - Michael Griggers; Senior Deacon - Steven Phillips; Junior Deacon - John Butler; Senior Steward - Russell Cartledge; Junior Steward - Trey Calloway; Scribe - Mike Williams; Treasurer - Brian Eidson; Sentinel - Ben Mitchell; Chaplain - Billy McDaniel; Marshal - Jeremy Pursell; Standard Bearer - Walter Chislak; Almoner - Eric Fink; 1st Preceptor - Sidny Davis; 2nd Preceptor - Matt Butler; 3rd Preceptor - Charlie Jenkins; 4th Preceptor - Thomas Jenkins; 5th Preceptor - Jonathan Canada; 6th Preceptor - Jonathan Bynum; and 7th Preceptor - James Boles. (Posted January 21, 2002)

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