Clayton DeMolay Chapter

List of Officers, Advisors, and Parent's Club Members

It takes a lot of dedicated people to make an organization as successful as DeMolay International to work as well as it does. Here are the people that make the Clayton DeMolay Chapter the exciting place it is! You may send email to anyone listed below that has a link.

DeMolay Officers for Jan - Jun 2007

Brent Langley, Master Councilor
Josh Holsenbeck, Senior Councilor
Dorian Ivie, Junior Councilor
Michael Hayden, Senior Deacon
Justin Liddell, Junior Deacon
Jason Liddell, Senior Steward
Dylan Regan, Junior Steward
Mom Eva Ivie, Scribe
Dad Chris Hendry, Treasurer
Stephen Bohn, Sentinel
Stuart Hendry, Chaplain
Michael Griggers, Marshall
Brandon Derifield, Standard Bearer

Chapter Sweetheart

Ellisa Cavender


Mike Williams, Chairman
Larry Griggers, Chapter Dad
Hendry Betts
Mike Butler
Brian Eidson
Debbie Griggers
Chris Hendry
Steve Hendry
Eva Ivie
Loran Ivie
Bob Liddell
Coy Whittington